Workshops with Kelly Brown

Life is full of surprises. One day you dream of meeting your photography guru. And the next day…. you meet her.

Yes! It’s been almost one month since I took part in workshop in Berlin run by one and only Kelly Brown.

Kelly (Little Pieces Photography), one of the world's most awarded newborn photographers based in Brisbane, Australia is my constant inspiration since the beginning of my newborn photography journey. She as a person, kind and patient, her creativity as photographer combined with her training skills make her a perfect example to follow and learn from.

“Be gentle. Be confident. People remember their emotions, their experience rather, not what you say exactly.”

So on November, 1st I was sitting in a same room with Kelly Brown, listening and studding carefully. So much to learn from this successful artist and businesswoman. This was really very fruitful experience I highly recommend to my fellow photographer friends.

Conclusion: “dream big” is the only right thing to do. So, I must run now to make my list of more big dreams ;)

Speak soon,


#photography #newbornphotography #KellyBrown #photographyworkshop

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